Face to Face Meeting Barcelona 2010

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The board is discussing the idea of getting the directors together for a face-to-face meeting to establish, and work on, priorities.

When and Where

  • Post FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona, 11th Sept. 2010, full day.
  • @Tyler's apartment (map) - calle de rocafort, 12-20 (says 20-12 on building).. see street view - entrance in centre of building on ground level. Tyler will meet you there. SMS/phone: +1-250-303-1831 if stuck.
  • Please note: The venue is limited in size and filled based on the attendee list already. If you are not on the list but were planning to come, you must let Tyler know to see what can be done. Gracias!


Board members:

  1. Christopher Schmidt
  2. Markus Neteler
  3. Jeff McKenna
  4. Arnulf Christl
  5. Frank Warmerdam
  6. Geoff Zeiss
  7. Ari Jolma (outgoing board member)
  8. Tyler Mitchell
  9. Tim Schaub
  10. Daniel Morissette
  11. add yourself


  • 09:00 ...
  • Set the number of Charter Members that will be added in September (from PRamsey)
  • Nottingham/Edu MoU
  • Strategy Presentation (Tyler)


Develop and concretize the vision for a 5 year business plan and 10 year strategic outlook for OSGeo.


  • Develop strategy how to acquire new sponsors
  • ...
  • Develop a 2011 budget (see OSGeo Budget 2010)
  • General strategy discussions.
  • FOSS4G 2011 discussions (possible F2F with local committee rep)
  • Discuss how to reactivate the Geodata committee
  • Discuss the focus of OSGeo in terms of software and data
    • should open data be a major focus of OSGeo
    • how to work closely with OpenStreetMap
    • OGC memberships?
    • what must change in our literature
  • Discuss who gains access to SVN services
  • Discuss the foundation of "OSGeo Press" label (via Lulu.com) to create textbooks
    • Could consider having the FOSS4G-2010 workshop materials bundled with the live-DVD sold as book?
  • New tie-ups with universities as with Nottingham and others (see MoU list)
  • New mechanisms for internal revenue generation (membership fee, etc?)
  • Staff discussion with ED :)
  • strategic Partnership or pseudo sponsorship of events or other ways...

Meeting Minutes