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# Frank Warmerdam
# Frank Warmerdam
# [[Arnulf Christl]]
# add yourself.
# add yourself.

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As many board members as possible (and potentially others contributing to OSGeo) are planning to meet all day September 18 in Denver after FOSS4G.

When and Where

  • Post FOSS4G 2011 in Denver, 18th Sept. 2011, full day.
  • (Daniel to explain where)

Planning to Attend

  1. Frank Warmerdam
  2. Arnulf Christl
  3. add yourself.


  • 09:00 ...
  • Set the number of Charter Members that will be added this year.
  • Review and hopefully approve MOU with ICA and SIGTE (Tyler)
  • Media Sponsorship - very draft outline of idea (Tyler)
  • Talk about the idea to backup Code Sprint funding (see mpg's mails).
  • Financial discussion
  • Develop a 2012 budget (see OSGeo Budget 2010)
  • Review Forward discussion items.
  • Add items