Face to Face Meeting Seattle 2012

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As many board members as possible (and potentially others contributing to OSGeo) are planning to meet for two days.

When and Where

  • Pre IslandWood_Code_Sprint_2012 in Seattle, 4th and 5th February (Saturday and Sunday).
  • 9AM to 5PM on Saturday and 9AM to Noon on Sunday.
  • Cedarboork Lodge near the Seattle airport (http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/)
    • venue includes wireless internet access, lodging, conference room, breakfast/lunch/snacks during meeting, etc


Board Members

  1. Frank Warmerdam (arrive Saturday morning, leaving Sunday evening)
  2. Arnulf Christl (Friday and Saturday over night, leaving Sunday pm)
  3. Jeff McKenna
  4. mpg -- arriving Saturday morning (8am), leaving Sunday afternoon (after meeting ends)
  5. Daniel Morissette -- arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday pm
  6. Peter Batty - arriving Friday night, leaving Sunday afternoon (flight at 3:09pm, so need to leave at 1pm or so)
  7. Mark Lucas -- arriving Friday night, leaving Monday (I'll pay the extra day)
  8. Jo Cook -- arriving Friday, leaving Monday (I'll pay the extra obviously)

Sunday guests:

  1. Paul Ramsey
  2. Aaron Racicot


  • Friday evening: informal group dinner [if sufficient people around]
  • Saturday
    • 8:30am - continental breakfast
    • 11:00am - morning snack
    • 1:00pm - lunch
    • 3:00pm - afternoon snack
    • 5:00pm - meeting adjourn
    • group dinner
  • Sunday
    • 8:30am - continental breakfast
    • 11:00am - morning snack
    • 1:00pm - lunch
    • 3:00pm - afternoon snack
    • 5:00pm - meeting adjourn

Discussion Topics

Airport Shuttle Info

(from the Cedarbrook folks)

SEATAC AIRPORT to CEDARBROOK LODGE SHUTTLE: The airport shuttle picks up from ISLAND 1 or 3 in the parking garage. Follow the signs for ground transportation which will take you across the sky bridge to the parking garage. Go down one floor where there are 3 islands for shuttle pick up. There is a courtesy phone at ISLAND 1 or 3 with direct dial to Cedarbrook (#56). Please call once you arrive at ISLAND 1 or 3, at this time we will dispatch the driver for pickup. Cedarbrook is approximately ten minutes from the airport.

Address: 18525 36th Avenue South, SeaTac, WA 98188 Reception Desk: 866.901.9268 or 206.901.9268

CEDARBROOK LODGE to SEATAC AIRPORT SHUTTLE: Reservations are required for return shuttles to the airport. Please make your reservation with one of our Front Desk Guest Service Agents. The shuttle departs Cedarbrook on the hour & half-hour. Reservations may be made in person or by calling the reception desk at 206.901.3268. Shuttles drop off at ISLAND 1 or 3.

Please note our shuttle is not permitted to wait or circle the airport in compliance with Port of Seattle/SeaTac International Airport regulations.