Face to Face Meeting Summer 2006

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The board has been discussing the idea of getting people together for a face-to-face meeting to establish, and work on, priorities. A meetup / workshop needs clear goals. If we could set them, this could be a really useful occasion.

When and Where

June 11th and 12th at the Autodesk San Rafael offices.

This is just preceeding the Where 2.0 conference June 13/14 in San Jose which is relatively nearby. (According to Google, San Rafael to San Jose is 67 miles / 74 minutes.)


Board members and committee members of VisCom, WebCom and the Fundraising committees are encouraged to attend.

  • Frank Warmerdam will attend.
  • mpg will attend (VisCom)
  • Arnulf Christl will attend
  • Jo Walsh will attend
  • Dave McIlhagga will attend - likely arrive Sunday AM
  • Gary Lang will attend
  • Tyler Mitchell will attend (also from VisCom)
  • please add availability for other people


For a one- or two- day meeting there need to be clear goals identifiable.


  • OSGeo Web style established.
  • Project style guidelines.
  • Content plan completed.


  • Briefing by Mark Lucus on open source related activities within DOD.
  • Develop a 2005/2006 budget.
  • General strategy discussions.
  • Discuss the stated priorities and how we meet them
  • Make sure that the VisCom is as focused on promoting OSGeo projects as it is OSGeo itself, (if not more?)
  • Try to reach consensus on new projects to admit to incubation.
  • Discuss ideas for starting cross-collaboration between projects


  • Prepare conference presentation materials (for Where 2.0, and more general use).
  • General strategy discussions.
  • Outreach strategy


  • Best way to get from SFO to San Rafael?
  • What arrival times are people having at SFO? Maybe possible to hire a car together?
  • What hotels are near to venue?
    • "The closest hotel to our office (right next door) is the Embassy Suites"
    • Embassy Suites
    • $189 room (AAA discount)
  • Best way to get from San Rafael to San Jose at end of meeting? Share a bus/van?


Possibly futile attempt at collaborative scheduling as follows:

Saturday, June 10 (day before meeting)

  • 5:00 pm - mpg arrives SJC
  • 5:30 pm - mpg drives to San Rafael (space available, will rent large car if needed)

Sunday, June 11 (1st meeting day)

Monday, June 12 (2nd meeting day)

  • evening - mpg drives to Where 2.0 (space available, will rent large car if needed)

Tuesday, June 13 (day after meeting)