Face to Face Meeting Summer 2006

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The board has been discussing the idea of getting people together for a face-to-face meeting to establish, and work on, priorities. A meetup / workshop needs clear goals. If we could set them, this could be a really useful occasion.

When and Where

June 11th and 12th at the Autodesk San Rafael offices.

This is just preceeding the Where 2.0 conference June 13/14 in San Jose which is relatively nearby. (According to Google, San Rafael to San Jose is 67 miles / 74 minutes.)


Board members and committee members of VisCom, WebCom and the Fundraising committees are encouraged to attend.

  1. Frank Warmerdam (Board, FunCom)
  2. mpg (VisCom)
  3. Arnulf Christl (Board, VisCom)
  4. Jo Walsh (Board)
  5. Dave McIlhagga (Board, FunCom) - likely arrive Sunday AM
  6. Gary Lang (Board, FunCom)
  7. Tyler Mitchell (VisCom)
  8. Mark Lucas (Board)
  9. Chris Holmes (Board, VisCom)
  • please add availability for other people


For a one- or two- day meeting there need to be clear goals identifiable.


  • OSGeo Web style established.
  • Project style guidelines.
  • Content plan completed.


  • Briefing by Mark Lucas on open source related activities within DOD.
  • Develop a 2005/2006 budget.
  • General strategy discussions.
  • Discuss the stated priorities and how we meet them
  • Make sure that the VisCom is as focused on promoting OSGeo projects as it is OSGeo itself, (if not more?)
  • Try to reach consensus on new projects to admit to incubation.
  • Discuss ideas for starting cross-collaboration between projects


  • Prepare conference presentation materials (for Where 2.0, and more general use).
  • General strategy discussions.
  • Outreach strategy


  • Develop sponsorship model
  • Identify sources of income

Lodging and Travel

  • See Itineraries section below for other attendee arrival times/places
  • What hotels are near to venue?
    • Embassy Suites is next door to Autodesk HQ. Use Autodesk Corporate rate of $119.
    • Embassy Suites
  • Best way to get from SFO to San Rafael?
    • From SFO to Central San Rafael Transit Center by Marin Airporter Marin Airporter Service (approx. 50 minutes) for $17
    • Then take taxi from Central San Rafael Transit Center to Embassy Suites (5-10 minutes) approx. $10
    • Meet up at SFO or SJC to share rental (see Itineraries below)
  • Best way to get from San Rafael to San Jose at end of meeting? Share a bus/van?


Possibly futile attempt at collaborative scheduling as follows:

Saturday, June 10 (day before meeting)

  • 5:00 pm - mpg arrives SJC
  • 5:30 pm - mpg drives to San Rafael with pickups at SFO (space available, will rent large car if needed)
  • 5:00 pm - TM arrives SFO would like to catch/share ride to San Rafael
  • 12:15 pm - cholmes arrives OAK, spends day with friends.

Sunday, June 11 (1st meeting day)

  • morning - cholmes is looking for a ride to San Rafael from SF area
  • 11:00 pm - mlucas arrives SFO, rents car, drives to San Rafael

Monday, June 12 (2nd meeting day)

  • evening - mpg drives to Where 2.0 (space available, will rent large car if needed)
  • evening - mlucas drives to Where 2.0 " "
  • evening - cholmes rides with one of the above to Where 2.0

Tuesday, June 13 (day after meeting)

  • Where 2.0

Wednesday, Jun 14

  • Where 2.0
  • evening - mlucas drives to SFO to catch a 10pm flight