Fifth VisCom Meeting

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Date and Time

May 25th, 2006, at 15:00 UTC [worldclock link]] (8:00am PST)

The meeting will take place on IRC at #osgeo and as a conference call

  • US and Canada: 877-326-2337
  • International: 303-928 3232
  • id code: 3206046#


  • rollcall (chair)
  • review of open issues in CollabNet (chair)
  • (from old TODO list) Organize translation volunteers. (arnulf)
  • (from old TODO list) prepare Web page contents about "What OSGeo is doing" to attract sponsors. This is related to Fundraising. Then forward this material to WebCom (arnulf?)
  • (from old TODO list) Setup feedback mechanism for web site. I suppose this ought to be creating artifacts in the bug system, but a feedback email list might be more appropriate. (arnulf?)
  • (from old TODO list) Recruit more members on discuss list. What skills are most valuable? (arnulf?)
  • (held over from 3rd mtg) Can we move the Event List to its own page (from the main VisComm page)? (mpg)
  • The OSGeo Newsletter (Tyler)
  • status of "due diligence" legal review of new logo (and motto...) (Daniel?)
  • Review action items (chair)
  • add new items here