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Welcome to the home of the OSGeo Finland Association

OSGeo Finland Association was established 19.8.2015 as a legal entity according to Associations Act.

You can read of associations from

OSGeo Finland Association has a board, see "hallitus" below (in Finnish). When Association is accepted into the Association Register it'll start to use abbreviation ry. at the end of it's name.

The rest of this page is currently in Finnish.

Tervetuloa OSGeo Suomi yhdistyksen sivulle





  • OSGeo Finland ry perustamiskokous - Keskiviikko 19.8.2015 klo. 17
  • devALPO 2015, to 15.10.2015 klo 13 alkaen
  • ALPO2016, ti 3.5.2016

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