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Thanks to a great program, workshop sessions will be an important part of FOSS4G2006. Up to 350 participants are already registered and will attend to at least two workshops.

In order to properly organize the session, the committee has created a wiki for presenters. The main purpose is to synchronize with presenters to reduce last minute problems.

Duration and scheduling

Most probably 1.5 hrs + 30min break + 1.5 hrs

  • Tuesday morning - 9:00 to 12:30
  • Tuesday afternoon - 14:00 to 17:30
  • Wednesday afternoon - 13:30 to 17:00

Room Equipment

  • There are 8 desktop PC rooms. So there is one computer available for one/two participant(s).
  • Projector and desktop PC for one presenter
  • Network available : LAN or WLAN
  • 1 printer (Amphipôle)
  • 1 file server (Linux/Samba)

See also the below pdf document (PC specs, number of computers...)

Desktop PCs pre-installation

  • Committee will provide a basic installation of each PC with WinXP SP2 + Text Editor (possibly Crimson Editor, TextPad, ConTEXT)
  • Committee will also make sure each room will be ready for workshops to run immediatly. Therefore we need to know exactly what must be installed.
  • If learning how to make an installation is part of your workshop, ask committee to not pre-install the software.
  • You're free to proceed to more installs during your workshop
  • We will schedule two time slots on Monday and Tuesday to access rooms and check that all is ok.

Software requirements

Thanks to previous emails concerning software requirements, we compiled a document about installations the committee will have to lead :

Upload your workshop files

  • What ? :
  1. specific softwares/data to pre-install/copy on each PC desktop.
  2. specific instructions for installation if required
  • How ? :

FTP access : (soon

Login/passwd : sent by email

  • When ? :

Until Sept 1st

  • Notice :

For uploading text/pdf documents and presentation slides, please use the website

login -> My Contributions -> Choose a contribution -> Submit material

Stay tuned !

Probably do we need to make some adjustement, so don't hesitate to send your feedback and requests to

More informations comming soon.