Fourth VisCom Meeting

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Note this "extra" meeting is being held for issues regarding OSGeo at Where 2.0

Date and Time

May 18th, 2006, at 17:00 UTC [worldclock link]] (10:00am PST)

The meeting will take place on IRC at #osgeo and as a conference call

  • US and Canada: 877-326-2337
  • International: 303-928 3232
  • id code: 3206046#


  • Rollcall (chair)
  • Review action items from Third_VisCom_Meeting_Minutes (chair)
  • BOF: coordinator? speakers? (mpg)
  • Press Event status (mpg)
  • Lightning talks: speakers? (Chris)
  • Review tagline short-list (Daniel)
  • Discuss banners (Peter)
  • Update on brochures (Tyler)
  • Booth Management
    • Discuss attendance at conference
    • Free conference passes? Autodesk? Nat?
    • Search out all members who will be there
  • OSGeo committee meeting June 11/12th in San Rafael (Face_to_Face_Meeting_Summer_2006)
    • Who is attending?
    • Agenda
  • add items here