Francophone Chapter Report 2009

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Francophone Local Chapter Report for 2009

  • Contact name: Yves Jacolin

Key Accomplishments

  • We published QGIS documentation into french, release 1.0.0
  • We began to translate QGIS documentation into french, release 1.4.0
  • We worked to translate OpenLayers documentation into french, curently in the proof-reader step
  • First year for joining to OSGeo-fr Legal Association

Areas for Improvement

  • We need people to help translating documentation, write information for the futur OSGeo-fr website
  • We need people to advocate OSGeo and Free and Open Source software and data to the francophone world!

Opportunities to Help

Outlook for 2010

  • Open Source village for the Rencontre SIG La Lettre Tradeshow with conferences and OSGeo-fr booth
  • Stronger contact with OSM-fr
  • OSGeo-fr website
  • RMLL 2010: a booth and some presentation
  • Advocate francophone world!