Francophone Chapter Report 2009

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Francophone Local Chapter Report for 2009

  • Contact name: Yves Jacolin

Key Accomplishments

  • We translated & published QGIS documentation release 1.0.0,
  • We began translating QGIS documentation in French, release 1.4.0
  • We worked on the translation of OpenLayers documentation. We're curently at the proof-reader step
  • We celebrated our first birthday as a Legal Association

Areas for Improvement

  • We need people to help translating documentation & writing information for the future OSGeo-fr website
  • We need more people to advocate OSGeo and Free and Open Source software and data to the francophone world! (but there are already some, out there ;-)

Opportunities to Help

  • Get Involved! All contributions are welcomed.

Sign up for the mailing list and say hello to the francophone world!

Outlook for 2010

  • Stronger contact and link with the french OpenStreetMap community - act as a Legal Association for them, if they ask us to. Discussions are underway on this possibility.
  • Create and develop OSGeo-fr website,
  • Open Source village at the "Rencontre SIG La Lettre" Tradeshow with conferences and OSGeo-fr booth,
  • "RMLL 2010" Tradeshow: a booth and several presentations to expect.