GSoC 17: istSOS-Data analysis and statistical tools suite

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The aim of my project primarily is to create OAT extension in RESTFull Web api and OAT extension having data analysis and statistical tools for istSOS which will be used to automate the creation of statisticat documents using OAT library and harvesting the data from an istSOS server and then publishing the result on Open Data Portals(CKAN).

The data analysis and statistical tools suite will cover all the features of OAT.Methods. Further I will create data analysis and statistical tools suite suite for istSOS.


May 4 - May 14

  1. The part I completed this week:
  1. The part I plan to complete the upcoming week:
  • Testing OAT source code.

Student's Biography

My name is Rahul Chauhan. I am 3rd year Computer Science & Engineering student at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India. Some more information about me can be obtained by following the link: