GSoC 2017 - 3D OSM Plugin API for ESA-NASA Web World Wind

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The goal of this project is to create a plugin API to display OpenStreetMap (OSM) data on NASA Web World Wind virtual globe in three dimensions. The OSM data is going to be fetched in real time based on a bounding box or a URL for OSM data and some keywords. The adapter will offer a function to extrude the polygons present in the fetched data using an arbitrary height value. Additionally the project may extract the real heights of buildings using DSM data and apply these heights to extrusion, improve performance via various caching techniques, and tile the data. In case the tiling will be implemented, a new adapter may be created to tile any GeoJSON data.

Tentative Schedule

Time frame Task
May 30 - June 8 2017 OSM data retrieval and filtering
June 9 - 15 2017 OSM data rendering
June 16 - 26 2017 Extrusion of OSM polygon data
June 27 - July 2 2017 Investigation of caching techniques
July 3 - 20 2017 Implementation of caching
July 21 - 24 2017 Search for DSM data with a large enough coverage
July 25 - August 9 2017 Implementation of an algorithm to match the DSM and OSM buildings
August 10 - 20 2017 Development of a use case application to showcase the API developed, where bounding box is defined by drawing a rectangle on the globe, or providing a URL for data
August 21 - 29 2017 User interface implementation
      • In case time remains, investigation of existing tiling procedures, and implementing the most suitable one