General Principles of Incubation

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Purpose of Incubation

The purpose of the OSGeo incubation process is to ensure that projects that are officially part of OSGeo:

  • have a successfully operating open and collaborative development community
  • have clear IP oversight of the code base of the project
  • adopt the OSGeo principles and operating principles
  • are mentored through the incubation process

Principles of OSGeo Projects (The OSGeo Way)

  • Projects should manage themselves, striving for consensus and encouraging participation from all contributors - from beginning users to advanced developers.
  • Contributors are the scarce resource and successful projects court and encourage them.
  • Projects are encouraged to adopt open standards and collaborate with other OSGeo projects.
  • Projects are responsible for reviewing and controlling their code bases to insure the integrity of the open source baselines.

Operating Principles

  • Projects should document how they manage themselves.
  • Projects should maintain developer and user documentation.
  • Projects should maintain a source code management system.
  • Projects should maintain a discrepancy tracking system.
  • Projects should maintain project mailing lists.
  • Projects should actively promote their participation in OSGeo.
  • Projects are encouraged to adopt OSGeo look and feel, branding, logos on their project sites.
  • Projects are encouraged to participate in OSGeo standardization efforts to present a common interface for OSGeo visitors and members.
  • Projects should have automated build and smoke test systems.