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GeoEvenement 2007

Proposing Participation at an Event

What the event is

see (Fr) for more information.

To be completed ..

Where and when

The GeoEvenement tradeshow will take place in Paris, from 3th to 5th Arpril 2007

How will our participation help OSGeo

The main purpose of this event is to give informations about OSGeo's missions and project.

  • information about OSGeo (existence, missions, projects, ...)
  • creation of the local chapter : information about the creation, meet people, ...

What funding

We estimate the budget of the booth between 1500 and 2000$, depending on the budget asked by the Open Source village organizer.

What we need :

  • brochure
  • poster (?)



to be filled

During the Event

to be filled

After the Event

to be filled