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GeoForAll or workshops, presentations and meeting topics at Global FOSS4G 2017, Boston, August 14-18

Workshops submitted by GeoForAll labs

  1. Tangible Landscape [augmented reality and tangible interfaces] (NCSU GeoForAll Lab)
  2. Introduction to GRASS GIS [offered as a general workshop] (NCSU GeoForAll Lab)

Papers or presentations related to GeoForAll or by GeoForAll labs

  1. Helena Mitasova - State of GeoForAll in 2017 - OSGeo Education and Research Outreach
  2. should we also cover GSoC as an example Collaboration between GeoForAll labs ? Any volunteers?
  3. Add your name and topic

GeoForAll "Grant Sprint (if you have a grant you are thinking of going after related to support of GeoForAll, add your name and potential topic)"

  1. name, grant idea, solicitation (if you want to share)

GeoForAll meetings

  • Educational content sharing system (add any ideas you have here on what this meeting should include), and any ideas you may have on platform
  1. Charlie Schweik
  2. add your name