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The OSGEO Edcation and Curriculum Effort

This component of OSGeo is focused on building a repository of educational material related to geoscience in general, and open source geospatial software specifically. In events like the recent FOSS4Geo conference, it became apparent that there is broad interest to coordinate, collaborate and share educational materials. Moreover, its clear that content authors -- all over the world -- are ready and willing to share their content with others. The OSGeo educational effort is working to organize and coordinate these interests and efforts.

Want to join us?

1. Make yourself known to the OSGeo edu community

Subscribe to our mailing list and add your name to the list of OSGeo education interested participants

2. Tell us about your efforts or share your educational material

Visit our Educational Content Inventory page.
We are especially interested in Creative Commons licensed material, but welcome entries of educational material following any form of copyright.

3. Volunteer to help!

See our OSGeo Education Projects page and contact the subcommittee chair person

old stuff (delete or organize asap)

Markus Neteler moved that a "Education and Curriculum Committee" be designated to create and promote educational and curriculum material. This motion was accepted at the Fifth Board Meeting. See Education Contributors page for a list of contributors.


The project aims at creating and promoting educational and curriculum material that supports the goals of the Foundation. The intent is to provide appropriately licensed material that is accessible by a broad audience including academia, professionals, and the general public. Material supported through this project should directly or indirectly build and strengthen the open source geospatial user and developer communities. This can be accomplished by integrating the use of FOSS4G tools in curricula that teach geospatial concepts and applications as well as the creating curricula to teach skills necessary for people to actively participate in FOSS4G and free geospatial data projects. The committee also seeks cooperation with academic research projects to promote the use of FOSS4G in research projects, to get FOSS4G used as a platform for research, and to present FOSS4G as a research subject.


Work program

Education Committee Work Program

Existing open educational geospatial materials