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I, Markus Neteler, move that a "Education and Curriculum Committee" be designated to create and promote educational and curriculum material. The initial committee membership shall include:

  • Puneet Kishor (chair)
  • Ari Jolma (graduate level education MS, PhD; academic research; primary school education)
  • Markus Neteler
  • Venkatesh Raghavan
  • Charlie Schweik (undergraduate and graduate level education; academic research on open source collaboration, public sector information technology, natural resource management)
  • Pericles Nacionales (general training/education materials; conservation and natural resource management)
  • Ned Horning
  • Helena Mitasova (graduate level education MS, PhD; academic research)
  • See Education Contributors page for others who are helping/interested


The project aims at creating and promoting educational and curriculum material that supports the goals of the Foundation. The intent is to provide appropriately licensed material that is accessible by a broad audience including academia, professionals, and the general public. Material supported through this project should directly or indirectly build and strengthen the open source geospatial user and developer communities. This can be accomplished by integrating the use of OSGeo endorsed tools in curricula that teach geospatial concepts and applications as well as the creating curricula to teach skills necessary for people to actively participate in supported OSGeo software and data projects. The committee seeks strong cooperation with academic research projects.

Details are given at Core Curriculum Project


The committee will be linked to the Public Geospatial Data Committee, in particular with the Geodata Packaging Working Group to work on educational datasets.

This motion was accepted at the Fifth Board Meeting.