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Incubation checklist reviewed on email list, links provided below.

In response to this review several improvements were made by the community (see RFC section below).

Incubation Checklist


1. Open and public manner


Open Meetings:

  • As a consequence of moving through the Incubation process, the GeoMoose PCS has instituted a regular PSC meeting schedule of roughly once a month. These meetings are open and and usually occur online with an occasional Face to face meeting. The meeting Notes are published to the GeoMoose wiki.

Public decision making process:

  • Also as a consequence of moving through the Incubation process, the GeoMoose project has implemented a formal PSC that meets to discuss the project and make decisions. RFCs related to this action have been passed and additional related RFC's are in a pending state. This is a desirable development from the GeoMoose PCS group and they have been ver motivated to moving this along as a process.

2. Active and healthy community

Community of developers and users:

Participation from multiple developers and organisations:

Copyright and License

1. license

2. documentation license

3. code, documentation, and data reviewed

4. List of copyright holders

5. Contribution agreement

We have asked the project to make this more clear resulting in the following discusssion:

The proposed text is:

7. Any contributed code should contain a code source comment block in each file header indicating the author (that is you and your employer if you are working on company time), date of contribution and any conflicting licensing restrictions that are not already covered by the GeoMoose License. All unusual situations need to be discussed and/or documented on the project mail list and/or in the project TRAC system.


1. code under configuration management

2. issue tracker

3. management processes

Suitable open governance policy:

public communication channel for decision making::


1. user documentation:

2. developers documentation:

3. Release Procedure

OSGeo Committees and Community


1. Project Officer: TBD


1. Marketting details

2. Stable release available


Integration of:

  • MapServer
  • OpenLayers
  • Dojo Toolkit

Release procedure includes version check (Apache, Dojo, MapServer) and a release candidate window for testing. Project policy is to use stable release of OpenLayers.


1. Link provided to geomoose website, not used

2. SAC facilities: