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Welcome to the GeoForAll Geocrowdsourcing, Citizen Science and FOSS4G page - GeoForAll GeoCrowd

GeoForAll GeoCrowd will be a central repository for tools, links, systems, ideas, papers and other materials related to the exciting and fast moving domain of Geocrowdsourcing (or Volunteered Geographic Information) and Citizen Science. Of particular interest are Geocrowdsourcing and Citizen Science projects or examples which use Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics (FOSS4G). Essentially The GeoForAll GeoCrowd theme will attempt to answer the challenge of demonstrating and documenting how citizens (arranged in small groups, large groups or large geographically dispersed crowds) are generating, collecting, analysing, researching, managing geographic data and information. How are FOSS4G software technologies being utilised? Are citizens generating (and consuming) Open Data?

The citizen now has immense power to make a change and make a contribution to their society and a sustainable future in a natural environment protected and enhanced for this generation and those yet to come.

  • Chairs: Peter Mooney (Ireland) and Maria Brovelli (Italy)
  • We support the 'Geocrowdsourcing, Citizen Science and FOSS4G Guiding Principles:'
    • All material created is made available for all under an Open License
    • All material is carefully designed so that it can be extended by others, i.e., API-centric, modular componentry, etc.
    • All participants aim to reuse, optimize, extend and add new components (in that order)