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Public Geospatial Data Committee Meeting 2006-Mar-22

Meeting Info

 Chair: Jo Walsh
 Minutes: Schuyler Erle
 IRC: #osgeo channel on
 Date: 2006-Mar-22 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: Wednesday March 22, 15:00 UTC

Agenda Items

  • Introductions
    • Who are in the Committee?
  • Discuss focus of group - accessing data versus enabling tools for creating data or something in between?
  • How to take stock of what is available? Are we aiming to have a repository of data or pointers to external data?
    • Outreach - if people are working on repository efforts already, how can we connect with them?
  • Geodata licensing is a pressing issue. The Public Geodata license has invoked calls for an LPGL model without a ShareAlike constraint. Can we start a working group on this?
  • Schedule next committee meeting


  • Attendance: Jo Walsh, Frank Warmerdam, David Bitner, Jeff McKenna, Alan Doyle, Schuyler Erle, Markus Neteler, Perry Nacionales, Florian Kindl, Daniel Brookshier

Group Focus

  • Accessing data? enabling tools for creating data? or something in between? -- consensus is we want both a portal for accessing existing geodata *and* tools for creating new data.

Taking Stock of Existing Data

  • Catalog existing data? and/or host a repository? no consensus yet.
  • Process data into more usable formats?
    • TIGER/Line, VMap0, GSHHS
    • Packaging data also means fixing metadata
  • Provide a forum/marketplace for data wanted / data offered?
  • Daniel Brookshier notes that can host some data
  • Proposed we break this into two work groups
    • Catalog / Discovery Portal (+ Outreach)
    • Packaging / Quality Control / Metadata Augmentation / Documentation (focus on education, e.g. GRASS Spearfish)
  • Outreach
    • Geodata Committee's efforts should coordinate closely with Education Committee
    • External outreach can proceed informally for now (as the committee gets bootstrapped)

Geodata Licensing

  • Lots of discussion around OpenStreetMap and the ShareAlike provision of its Creative Commons license, and around creating an LGPL-like license specifically for geodata
    • The core issue is what constitutes a "derived work" from geodata
    • OSGeo can help add clarity to the discussion
  • Public Geodata License... can we envision/propose an LPGL?
  • contains an overview of existing discussion
  • Proposed we start a working group to research and enumerate geodata licensing possibilities
  • Goal state is to list a set of licenses that OSGeo software packages can offer as configuration defaults for people publishing their own data

New Working Groups

  1. Data Discovery / Access - Geodata Discovery Working Group
  2. Packaging / Reuse / QA / Maintenance Geodata Packaging Working Group
  3. Data Licensing Geodata Licensing Working Group

Next Meeting

Next meeting in exactly one week, Wed 29th March 2006, 1500 UTC on #osgeo.

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