Geodata Committee Meeting 20060329

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Public Geospatial Data Committee Meeting 2006-Mar-29

Meeting Info

 Chair: Jo Walsh
 Minutes: Schuyler Erle
 IRC: #osgeo channel on
 Date: 2006-Mar-29 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: Wednesday March 29, 15:00 UTC

Agenda Items

Old Business

New Items

  • Open Geodata Project portal
    • Create a welcome page
  • Starting to put together our requests for data services on the OSGeo repository at telascience
    • what data can be hosted (mirrors of OnEarth/Landsat and Blue Marble are already there
    • what index/search facilities can be offered.
    • what metadata schemes can be most useful
  • Discussion of progress on the INSPIRE Directive on sharing environmental information within Europe and how EU-based people can help raise awareness at a national level before the final vote in the European Parliament
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