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GeoTunis 2007

We have pleasure in inviting you to the international conference GéoTunis 2007, during the 15th, 16th and the 17th of November 2007 in the Tunis science city. In addition to the encouragement to the digital solidarity, this event will ameliorate the scientific and technological exchanges between the different members in the domains of the digital geography, the E-administration and lows concerning those domains. “The geomatics from a long lasting development tool to a means for the electronic administration.” Many agents will participate to this conference; specialists, scientific firms and national and international associations and organisms. In addition to that, the technological achievements, done by the big firms acting in the domain, will be presented. We look to a good number of you in our conference.

[to the official website]

Proposing Participation at an Event

Where and when

The GeoEvenement tradeshow will take place in Paris, from 3th to 5th Arpril 2007

How will our participation helps OSGeo

The main purpose of this event is to give informations about OSGeo's missions and project, and about future francophone local chapter.

  • About OSGeo:
    • spread the Open Source message in general
    • promote OsGeo projects
    • explain OSGeo missions,
    • ...
  • About francophone local chapter:
    • information about the local chapter creation, where we are in the creation process, what we need to do next, what kind of help we need, ...
    • meet people interesting in contributing in a BoF,
    • ...

What funding

We estimate the budget of the booth about 2000$, depending on the budget asked by the Open Source village organizer and other funding.

What we need:

  • paying booth fees
  • brochure about OSGeo
  • brochure about projects
  • poster
  • T-shirt
  • Information about OSGeo structure and organisation (to be writing in the francophone local chapter wiki)
  • ...

provisional budget

  1. Expenses
    • Booth : 1 800 €
    • Expenses linked to booth (power, cleaning, ...) : unknow may be included in the booth fund
    • Defray travel costs : 500 € (optional but useful)
    • Printing of 600 flyers : unknown (optional)
  • Total : 2 300 €
  1. Funding
    • Ubifrance : 715 €
    • OSGeo : 1 460 € (2 000 $, avec 0.73 euro/$)
  • Total crédit : 2 175 €


This part will be fill as soon as sponsorship will be accepted by Viscom. The OSGeo booth will take place in the opensource village which will gather more than 4 french opensource companies.

Find other volunteers to help out

Volunteers :

  • ...

What opportunities for speakers are available

We plan to do:

  • panels and booth in the opensource village.
  • Open Source Village will propose some conference, two will be about OSGeo (fondation and LC for the firts, and Projects for the second)

After the Event



Media talk about it

The futur