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Some info to help with comparing git hosting software packages. See GitInfrastructureComparison

Git Server Software

GOGS (retired)


GitLab (main instance)

“You will be running Sidekiq, Unicorn, Nginx, Ruby (plus all its gems) and then Gitlab itself.”

UPDATE: Debian now uses a Gitlab host SALSA


Q. can Kallithea add "static web pages" .. (perhaps with the "Apache sub-directory" setup?)

andrewsh on #kallithea: technically, there's kallithea/public directory, which you can put stuff into; it's just a directory where static files go if you use static_files = true, it's around line 59 in kallithea/config/, otherwise it's in your webserver's configuration. You can link that to the web interface using "Analytics" setting, there you can type there random HTML or JS stuff to modify the DOM whatever way you like.


gitbucket - JVM issues UI infringement warning

gitblit - JVM


Phabricator + Diffusion


Apache Allura


Other Links

YA Feature Comparison Page

FOSS dot-org Git Implementations

Apache Foundation Git

Please contact the mailing list if you have comments or suggestions regarding this service.

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) infrastructure has evolved over more than a decade, with several major internal revisions, leading to the current implementations. ASF infrastructure design has concepts of mirrors (sites) and committers (people) built-in throughout. The ability of an ASF project to semi-autonomously create its own repositories and web presence, which then benefits from shared authentication, backup and other infrastructure services, is fundamental. Core servers were BSD and Solaris as well as Linux; small tools are often bash, perl, xslt and others; substantial backend engines are often implemented in java.

The 2013 U.S. Form 990 lists gross income for the ASF as $1.1 million, with $489k spent on infrastructure maintenance and development.

Guidelines for New Project Steering Committee Members:

This tool is part of the committers-to-permissions chain:

An example of an early 2000's era, xml process to auto-generate sites with permissions:

Misc ASF entrypoint:


A 2009 Infastructure Incident Report:

Debian Project Git

UPDATE: Debian now uses a Gitlab interface --

The Debian Project hosts extensive, custom-built project and package infrastructure including a comprehensive git interface using cgit, replacing an earlier gitweb system (when?).

cgit Browser: 30,000 entries among four hundred eighty catagories.

Various ways to address content via URL:

gitweb Repository Browser Example: Vcs-Browser:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/branch1.6 is a Debian server running FusionForge WIKI Git endpoints are integrated under Alioth (how? - see debsources above)

Debian pkg-grass is maintained largely by sebastic Debian Developer (DD)

pkg-grass git branch guidelines

Kernel dot org Git

05Mar2015 -- Linux Foundation System Administrator Konstanin Ryabitsev mentions gitolite and cgit LINK

PostgreSQL Development Group Git;a=summary

Wikimedia Foundation Git

twentyafterfour on #wikimedia-labs: phabricator might still be a decent way of managing your repositories; our phabricator accepts LDAP logins plus OAuth. It's essentially the same thing as gitolite but with a lot more automation around account management, key management and hooks. Phabricator integrates all of that into one package (which can still be somewhat automated / integrated with other tools) Gitolite likely doesn't support LDAP; certainly a lot lighter weight than Phab stack, if you are comfortable with perl and don't mind doing a bit of integration work; you have to deal with account management yourself.

mutante on #wikimedia-devtools says: we currently use gerrit for code review and gitblit for Things are being migrated to though diffusion. You are in the right channel. You can git clone all of our server configs btw. it's a puppet repo and all public. you might also be interested in, our labs environment where you can get free virtual machines to test things

Openstreetmap Internal Git

Libre Office Git

Developer Wiki page:

GNU Project Ethical Considerations of Hosting Software

General Attributes of Git Hosts

  • Implementation Language
  • License
  • Machine Resource Usage

Common Features

  • Dashboard & File Browser
  • Issue Tracking, Milestones & Commit keywords
  • Organizations support
  • Wiki
  • Code Review
  • GIST
  • Web Hooks

Feature Comparison

  • login via LDAP
  • private repositories
  • external issue tracker
  • internal issue tracker
  • tool to migrate from trac
  • external wiki
  • internal wiki
  • organization management
  • comment issues via mail
  • PostgreSQL backend
  • Multilanguage
  • Comments on diff lines
  • Pull requests
  • Webhooks
  • CL
  • tracking of forks