Google Code In 2019 Application

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Application Deadline

Application Questions

  • Why does your organization want to participate in Google Code-in 2019? (500 character limit) After participating in GCI the past two years, OSGeo believes that it is important to introduce the future young leaders to our vibrant community of over 42 different software projects. We feel that this will be another fun experience for both the mentors and the students, with benefits to the software projects and the whole OSGeo community.
  • Has your organization participated in Google Code-in before? (yes or no) Yes: 2018 & 2017
  • Has your organization participated in Google Summer of Code before? (yes or no) Yes
  • In which years did your organization participate in Google Summer of Code? 2007 to 2019
  • How many mentors have committed to participate? 14
  • How do you plan to deal with any holidays or vacations mentors may have planned during the contest period? (500 character limit) We are asking for several mentors for each project, so that several mentors can assist throughout this coming holiday season. We are also making sure to have mentors located in different timezones for each project. We will organize shifts for the days that we foresee scarce presence due to holidays.
  • How do you plan to deal with unresponsive mentors? (500 character limit) We have already setup a private mailing list for discussions with mentors and admins, and we have also asked for all contact details for all mentors. We have also a discrete backup. However, we also try to make sure that our mentors are aware that they commit and take responsibility to carry out the program until the end.