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If you're interested in participating in the Code-In as a mentor of an OSGeo project (and creating tasks etc), please fill out the Google form at:

(the following table will be populated from the above Google form, by the GCI admins only)

# Name Email Country OSGeo Project

Mentor Responsibilities OSGeo gci-admin team

  • Communicate availability and interaction expectations
  • Inform gci-admin team when mentoring capacity will be reduced, as early as possible (e.g., family, health, vacation)
  • Inform gci-admin team when there is an issue with a student
    • Lacking communication, activity, visibility (MIA), or progress
    • Participant Agreement violations (e.g., plagiarism, harassment, fraud)
    • Bad fit or stepping down
    • Formally evaluate student participation your Students

  • Help and/or teach the student how to
    • be a part of your community
    • communicate more effectively and in the open
    • work with your org’s preferred communication channel (IRC, Slack, etc)
    • use your org’s version control system
    • ask good questions and get answers to their questions
    • provide convincing technical argument and constructive discussion
    • be independently motivated and productive
    • solve difficult technical problems
  • Keep track of their progress, keep student informed as to their status
  • Give constructive feedback, be patient (particularly for GCI), and be respectful
  • Respond to questions within 24 hours (occasionally under 36 hours is ok)
  • Establish realistic work objectives and timeline expectations
  • Re-evaluate scope with student when significantly ahead of or behind expectations
    • Give them extra time on a task as warranted
  • Work with devs and community to facilitate acceptance of student work

Unknown Mentors

Boilerplate text to reply to unknown mentors:

Thank you a lot for being available as a GCI mentor! OSGeo mentors need to be able to guide students; hence mentors need to be experienced OSGeo contributors and need to know the community and "how things work". Could you please share some information of which specific OSGeo projects you have contributed to and worked on so far? How would you describe your areas of expertise within OSGeo? Are there any public OSGeo contributions you could link to (for example your OSGeo wiki page or your Github activity)? Are you involved in your local OSGeo chapter? This would help us to get a better idea. Thank you! And if you have not contributed to OSGeo yet, we encourage you to start contributing to OSGeo by checking out ! Thank you!