Google Summer of Code 2008 Letters

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Acceptance Letter template


Congratulations STUDENT,

By now you should know that your application "APPLICATIONIDEA" for the PROJECT project has been funded by Google!

Your Mentor is MENTOR, and can be reached directly
at MEMAIL. Your mentor will be in contact with you shortly.

In the meantime please join the project developer mailing list[1] and
introduce yourself and your project to the community.
Also make sure you join the OSGeo Summer of Code mailing list[2].

Welcome to the OSGeo community, hope you have a fun and productive summer

OSGeo GSoC Mentoring team


Rejection Letter template



We at OSGeo regret that your application "APPLICATIONIDEA" has
not been funded by Google.

We still feel that you had a strong application, and given additional
funding we would have liked to have had you along. You made the short list.
If you are still interested in your project and choose to proceed without
funding, Google has agreed to send you some goodies if the work is complete
by summer's end (including a standard Google t-shirt). Perhaps your school
has an independent study program where you could receive course credit for
the task?

We hope to see you applying also next year!

Thank you very much for your interest and ideas, we value it!

OSGeo SoC Mentoring team