Google Summer of Code 2009 Administrative

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Central page for administering OSGeo participation in Google Summer of Code 2009.



  • March 9th - 13th: Project applications will be accepted:
    • March 12th Our application needs to be ready.

The "Student Landing Page" is Google Summer of Code Ideas 2009.


How to register as a mentor

  1. Add your name, and google account information to the mentor list in the Wiki (or get your project leader to do that for you)
  2. Subscribe to the OSGeo SoC mailinglist and introduce yourself!
  • TODO*: Add more information as it becomes available

Project Milestones

Google SoC Project Milestones 2009 - todo

Project Pages

Each accepted Soc Project should be listed here, and the page should be updated with information about the progress of the project.