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Central page for administering OSGeo participation in Google Summer of Code 2009.



The official timeline

  • [✓] March 9th - 13th: Project applications will be accepted:
    • [✓] March 12th Our application needs to be ready.
  • [✓] March 18th: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on the Google Summer of Code 2009 site.
  • We are accepted - so we should start talking to students immediately after!
Student applications will be accepted from March 23 - April 3, 2009.


How to register as a mentor

Please apply to become a mentor today! After you have applied you will get an invitation notification in the melange system. You need to accept the invitation, and fill in the form to become a registered mentor. In details:

  1. Register yourself at the Melange site
  2. Subscribe to the OSGeo SoC mailinglist. Introdce yourself and give this info:
    1. Melange Link ID
    2. Project you want to/can mentor for
    3. Area(s) of interest
    4. Feel free to tell more about yourself
  3. Apply to become a mentor
    1. Accept the invitation that you receive, and fill in your Mentor information
  4. Go [read and comment on student applications]

Project Milestones

Google SoC Project Milestones 2009 - todo

Project Pages

Each accepted Soc Project should be listed here, and the page should be updated with information about the progress of the project.