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This is the central page for OSGeo administrative information in Google Summer of Code 2012.


  • Anne Ghisla will act as Administrative contact, with support from Wolf Bergenheim and Hamish Bowman. Feel free to email us with any questions, we're here to help mentor the mentors as much as anything else!
  • Would-be mentors and students: you are invited to sign up to the OSGeo SoC mailinglist right now. The list is the central communication channel for mentors, students and administrators. It is used for general GSoC announcements, specific OSGeo announcements, and for clarification about the program.


Previous years

Guides, FAQ and mentors information

GSoC general information: timeline, program site, FAQ

Guides for mentors

Melange guides and issue tracker

How to register as a mentor

Please apply to become a mentor today!

The registration procedure requires you to visit three sites:

  • OSGeo soc mailing list
  • Google Melange soc site
  • a Google form for OSGeo mentor registration

Some of the steps are optional (you can be already registered to soc list, and/or have a linkID in Melange from past years). The only step that actually enables you to be an official mentor is the last one, the Melange request. The other steps ensure that we will accept only people interested in mentoring OSGeo GSoC, and that meet the mentoring requirements.

Here is the complete procedure:

  1. Read the mentoring guide, and ask previous years' mentors about their experience. Mentoring is often quite demanding in terms of time and energies, especially if you didn't work with the student before. If you are aware of that, proceed with the registration.
  2. Sign up to the OSGeo SoC mailinglist.
  3. Present yourself on Here are some suggested topics:
    • Project you want to/can mentor for
    • Area(s) of interest
    • Feel free to tell more about yourself
  4. If you don't have a linkID from past years, register yourself at the Melange site to obtain it.
  5. Fill in the Mentor form
  6. Apply to become a mentor in Melange:
    • Go to Melange homepage. Below the picture of happy programmers and the big "Students: apply now" there is a smaller link to apply as mentor. [screenshot?] Click it and follow the procedure to create the profile.
    • As the green box on top of profile page tells you that profile is saved, follow the link "You can now apply to Google Summer of Code". Pick up OSGeo from the list of accepted organisations, or follow this direct link.
    • Fill up the request form with a short message, referring to the mail you sent on soc mailing list.
    • Wait for administrator's approval. Mentors will be approved after students' application period opens. Until approval, your dashboard will be empty.
    • Once you've been accepted, you can go to your dashboard (link on left sidebar) and browse the list of student applications (now open)