Google Summer of Code 2012 Results

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OSGeo participated to Google Summer of Code 2012 with 22 projects (link).

Students and mentors made great work during the summer, and the code is ready for testing and merge with the projects' codebases.

In more detail, here are the accomplishments:

Todo: update the Outcome field with one of (Merged - Plugin - Proof-of-concept - Fail) and a link to final report, possibly with demos, documentation and instructions on how to test the code. Other idea is to group students by outcome: for failed students, what about mentioning the reasons and their will to continue working on the project at a different pace?

IMPORTANT: Do not post pass/fail results before August 27th.

Student Mentor Application OSGeo project Outcome
Camilo Polymeris Victor Olaya Orfeo Toolbox backend for the Sextante framework in QGIS QGIS
Ramón Carrillo Marco Bernasocchi QGIS for Mobile Devices QGIS
Arunmozhi Martin Dobias Symbology Usability Improvments for QGIS QGIS
Eugenpaul Alexander Bruy Vector Layer Generalization for QGIS QGIS
Pietro Zambelli Sören Gebbert Python high level map interaction for GRASS GIS GRASS GIS
Stepan Turek Martin Landa GRASS GIS WxGui front end for vector analysis modules GRASS GIS
Eric Momsen Markus Metz Image Segmentation in GRASS GIS GRASS GIS
Carlos Sánchez Periñán Alberto Romeu adding GPS survey capabilities to gvSIG Mini and shapefile driver gvSIG
Nadal César Ordiñana Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa/Batoví gvSIG
Sergio Izquierdo Nacho Brodín gvSIG Desktop plugin for change detection from multi-temporal sequence of satellite images using principal component analysis. gvSIG
David Pinheiro Francisco José Peñarrubia Solver for the TSP and VRP for gvSIG Desktop gvSIG
Qing Liu Pierre Racine Distance Analysis Tools 2012 for PostGIS Raster PostGIS
Jinfu Daniel Kastl Integrate a New Shortest Path Algorithm to pgRouting pgRouting
Khondoker Md. Razequl Islam Steve Woodbridge Implementation of Bidirectional Search Algorithm for pgRouting pgRouting
Michal Kepka Tisham Dhar Geoserver: Publishing hierarchical spatial data in form of dynamically loaded KML Geoserver
Andrea Nascetti Tisham Dhar (whatnick) Opticks - Basic SAR Processing Tools: Geocoding and stereo measurement Opticks
Mohit Kumar Dustan Adkins Object Based Image Analysis Tools for Opticks Opticks
Himanshu Singh Nate Spectral Algorithm Development for Opticks Opticks
Mohammed Rashad Massimo di Stefano Complex Image Processing Chain and Under Water Image Processing using pyossim OSSIM
Andrew Migal Frank Wamerdam Correlator in GDAL GDAL
Marco Foi Mauricio Pazos Porting discontinued Axios Spatial Tools into uDig core 1.3 uDig
Carol Hansen Davide Savazzi Implementing route analysis of OSM data within uDig, using Neo4j-Spatial graph database uDig