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Google Summer of Code 2019 Mentor Summit

Each year Google hosts the "Mentor Summit" event at their headquarters, where up to 3 OSGeo delegates can attend. The date for this year's summit is: Thursday, October 17 - Sunday, October 20 2019.

Selection Process

For 2019 we'll use the same rules as decided last year:

  • Of the 3 OSGeo delegates, an admin, a GSoC mentor and a GCI mentor, unless no admins or no mentors apply to go, in which case, it'll be 2 admins or 2 mentors for GSoC. The GCI mentor's invitation has been sent separately, so if no GCI mentor candidates to go, nobody can replace him / her.
  • Eligibility:
    • must comply with Google requirements (must be 2019 Mentors with assigned student projects or a 2019 Organization Administrator);
    • for mentors : must be mentor of an OSGeo project (at least as an OSGeo community project or as a project entered into OSGeo incubation, if not an official OSGeo project), as you would be a delegate of the OSGeo foundation.
  • The call is open to hear who is interested to go. Whoever responds must COMMIT to go, otherwise you will take away the opportunity from someone else. Deadline for expression of interest is 8th August. Please enter your names in this page.
  • Selection: we agreed that we must make a (fully transparent, open) lottery (Thanks Victoria). We will use a randomizer tool (below) to decide if need be. Time is short and people need to make paperwork for VISA. Please sign your name below if you are interested to attend.
  • Other requirements: the selected delegates are requested to make a report after returning home from the summit.

GSoC Mentor Candidates

Signing below, you commit to go to the summit in the event of a positive outcome in the lottery

GSoC Admins

  • Add your name here


  • Add your name here

Draw Time


Lottery Results

GCI Mentor Candidates

Google has recently notified the OSGeo admins that Google would like to invite 1 of the OSGeo mentors from GCI 2017 to come to the GSoC 2018 Mentor Summit (to possibly have a total of 3 OSGeo attendees at the summit). Google will add $1100 to the stipend that is sent in early September, if OSGeo decides to send a GCI mentor to the GSoC 2018 summit.

OSGeo admins have agreed to open the opportunity to attend to the recent OSGeo GCI mentors, using a lottery to decide if need be. Here are the requirements:

  • Eligibility:
    • must comply with Google requirements (must have been a 2017 GCI Mentor for OSGeo);
    • must have been a mentor who participated in at least one OSGeo project task instance, working with a student (meaning that you interacted with a student on at least one instance, through the GCI Dashboard)

Sign Below

Signing below, you commit to go to the summit in the event of a positive outcome in the lottery

Draw Time

2018-08-20 @ 14.00 UTC

Proposed tool for Random Selection


The selected OSGeo delegates are required to make a report after returning home from the summit. GCI delegate is requested to send it to the "gci-discuss" OSGeo mailing list. All, please write your report here.

Lottery Results

OSGeo Delegates 2018