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This page contains a summary of how gvSIG is technically managed, which groups are on the project to manage the technical decisions and how they operate in order to assure the decisions are made in a democratic way, etc.

The gvSIG Technical Project Committee (TPC) is a group of 20 people, all experts form different areas (3D, mobile devices, documentation, i18n, ...) most of them are already working on gvSIG project for several years. They are part of different entities such as universities, private companies and public administration.

Objectives of the TPC

The TPC is in charge of the technical steering of the gvSIG project. The technical aspects we delimit for the gvSIG project are:

  • new functionalities to develop
  • development engineering (architecture, methodologies, etc.)
  • project documentation
  • collaborative infrastructure

The Board of Directors of the TPC

A subgroup of 8 people from the TPC is formed by the technical leaders of the project. This group represents the Board of Directors and has the responsibility of approving or rejecting the most important decisions of the governance of the project, usually based on the proposals prepared by the TPC. (Please add a link to the members of the TPC and Board of Directors if possible)

This group has ordinary meetings (mostly face to face, but also via IM) every two weeks with documented agenda and minutes. (Please add link if possible)

Coordinator of the TPC

A member of the board acts as a coordinator of the whole TPC. His role is to manage the discussions, assure the communications inside the TPC and the rest of the project are fluent, and act as an interlocutor for the TPC outside.

At this time Jorge Sanz is the coordinator of the gvSIG TPC.

Working groups

The real work of the TPC happens in working groups. When a new proposal arises, or a medium/big task appears, the TPC creates a new working group with a board member as a chair of it.

These working groups have their own collaboration space at the gvSIG portal with its own forum and document space where the members work and discuss about the central topic.

Some of these working groups can have a long term goal and work preparing proposals to the Board of the TPC and others have a very specific objective and when it's accomplished the group is dissolved.

The chair of the working group (a member of the Board) should report to the rest of the board on any ordinary meeting how it's group is going, present reports, answer questions, etc.

Adding members to the TPC

The first TPC group was elected by the Board of Directors. This group was decided by the Board based on the technical skills and role of the member in different areas of gvSIG development.

Now, after a test period, the TPC has the right to elect new members. Any member of the TPC can nominate a member of the gvSIG community and the TPC should vote it.

Stepping down

Any member can step down from the TPC at any moment, but besides that the TPC can also promote the expulsion of a member of the TPC (witch will be voted by the Board of Directors) on any of these situations:

  • Serious lack of discipline with any member of the TPC
  • Serious lack of consideration on a public forum with the gvSIG project
  • Continued lack of activity on the TPC (voting, participating on working groups)
  • Incompatibility with the TPC activities due to:
    • Lack of time to work on the TPC
    • Conflict of interest between the TPC or gvSIG and the current employer of the member



Name Organization
Álvaro Zabala Junta Andalucia
César Martínez IVER
Cesar Ordiñana DISID
Carlos Sánchez Prodevelop
Diego Guerrero UCLM
Javier Carrasco Prodevelop
José Luis Celda Logex
Chema Vivó IVER
Jorge Piera IVER
José Vicente Higón IVER
Mario Carrera IVER
Mijail Antón
Sergio Beltran Talens ITI
Víctor Acevedo IVER
Vicente Caballero IVER
Víctor Olaya UNEX

Board of Directors

Name Organization
Álvaro Anguix IVER
Nacho Brodin IVER
Gabriel Carrión CIT
Joaquín del Cerro IVER
Manuel Madrid IVER
Miguel Montesinos Prodevelop
Fran Peñarrubia Software Colaborativo
Jorge Sanz Prodevelop
Luis W. Sevilla SIGRID