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Incubation Status report for Q2 2013.

Incubation Committee

TLDR: Waiting on the board for GeoMoose announcement, and listing project officers for GeoMoose and GeoServer. Rasdaman is getting close to completing incubation requirements. gvSig has a new mentor, remaining incubation projects show no progress, with dropping TEAM Engine discussed. Landon has some ideas for promoting OSGeo Labs projects.


  • All: GeoMoose graduation (motion passed)
  • Jody: Update projects list (done)
  • Jody: Incubation_Committee_Report_2012 (done)
  • jmckenna: fix ZOO-Project link on (done)
  • Arnulf to Mentor Marble, we will need to make a motion on the email list (done)
  • Jody: ask GeoMoose for clarification on contribution, and results of code/doc/data review (done)

Pending actions from IncCom Meeting21

  • Jody to contact OSM project and see if it is still ticking
  • Jody: take "Incubation Phases" proposal back to email for discussion
  • Jody: kalxas: filling in pycsw questionnaire

Recent Graduates

We are tracking recent graduates for a few months to ensure that the correct OSGeo Project logo is rolled out onto the project website, the community is informed, and the OSGeo board has a chance to make a news announcement and appoint a project officer.

OSGeo project.png




The following projects are following the OSGeo Incubation process.

Relationship with OSGeo:

  • Project are expected to display the OSGeo Project in Incubation logo on their website.
  • OSGeo lists these project on the main OSGeo website.

Relationship with Incubation Committee:

  • Each project has a mentor to help answer any questions (very helpful for sensitive subjects that cannot be discussed on an open mailing list).
  • Project are expected to link from the Incubation_Committee wiki to a Provenance Review (to confirm they are open source) and Incubation Checklist (to meet graduation requirements).
  • Incubation Committee mailing list is always questions and discussion

OSGeo incubation.png


  • mentor: Dimitris Kotzinos (taking over from Jeroen Ticheler)
  • contact: Manuel Madrid

We have a new project rep, status last updated in 2011, no provenance review.


Status updated July 2013, provenance review started at: Marble Code Provenance Review


  • mentor:
  • no progress to report

Status updated in 2009, no provenance review (unclear if that is applicable for the project?)


  • mentor: Mark Lucas
  • no progress to report

Status updated Nov 2012, no provenance review.


  • mentor: Jeff McKenna
  • Status updated July 2013
  • Team discussed Incubation plan in late June 2013
  • Team created a wiki area to hold future Incubation-status documents (
  • Team held first hands-on workshop in June (very successful, ~40 attendees). All documents contributed back to community.
  • Project momentum/activity is strong
  • Team plans to form a Project Steering Committee by the end of 2013
    • Question for IncCom: Can Jeff McKenna (current mentor) also be a pycsw PSC member?


The Rasdaman community seems to be past the technical hurdles of the code review and license checks, and is now working on open governance procedures.

(Bruce) My general observations on the project for the last period are:

  • Overall, the project appears to be in good shape, with 26 new user registrations this month alone.
  • Project activity has increased with a marked increase in email traffic on the developer and user lists.
  • Considerable activity is occuring related to documenting and fine tuning of software release processes, including tying these to processes relating to the use of git.
  • Work is underway to support git branching with a view towards maintained releases.
  • Work is under way to support regression testing for OGC compliance e.g. WCPS and WCS.
  • Work is underway to improve the testing framework.
  • Rasdaman's CRS name resolver has been deployed as OGC's official CRS name resolver.
  • I'm starting to see future planning activities being presented to the Rasdaman Community for comment. This is good to see.
  • We still don't have documented processes describing a range of factors, however I anticipate that these will come in time. Some examples are:
    • Project Governance and processes
    • Who is on the Project Steering Committee? How are PSC members (s)elected, replaced etc? What are the responsibilities of the PSC?
    • What Code review is expected for new contributions? Who does this review?
  • How are Commiters selected? What are their responsibilities? How is commit status reviewed?
    • The project has a reasonably well defined roadmap [2]. What I'm not clear on yet is e.g.:
    • How was this roadmap has been defined?
    • What community review process is used to arrive at the roadmap?
    • How were relative priorities determined?
    • How are new priorities balanced against existing priorities?

TEAM Engine

  • mentor: Justin Deolivera
  • no progress to report
  • logo not listed on project website (
  • Some contact on email, no status or provenance review.

Incubation committee has discussed dropping this project due to lack of progress / lack of plan to progress.



Thanks to Landon Blake for his excellent leadership in reaching out to OSGeo Incubation Lab projects.

  • We have extended an invitation to OSGeo Labs projects to participate in the incubation list, as for many routine questions we can help without a dedicated mentor.
  • Landon has the idea of setting up resources for community building / project marketing / project governance


OSGeo Participation:


  • Website:
  • User Mailing List: yes
  • User Documentation: unknown
  • Number of users: no estimate

OSGeo Participation:


  • Website:
  • User Mailing List: no
  • User Documentation: unknown
  • Number of Users: no estimate

OSGeo Participation:

  • OSGeo Wiki: [[OSGeo_Labs:_PAGC] (page empty)]
  • OSGeo Live:


OSGeo Participation:

The SurveyOS KML Toolkit

  • Website:
  • User Mailing List: no
  • User Documentation: unknown
  • Number of Users: no estimate

OSGeo Participation:


  • Website:
  • User Mailing List: no
  • User Documentation: unknown
  • Number of Users: no estimate

OSGeo Participation:

Virtual Terrain Project

  • Website:
  • User Mailing List: no
  • User Documentation: unknown
  • Number of Users: no estimate

OSGeo Participation:


OSGeo Participation: