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# [[Opticks Incubation Checklist]]
# [[Opticks Incubation Checklist]]
# ''Mentor'': [[User: Mark_Lucas|Mark Lucas]]
# ''Mentor'': [[User: Mark_Lucas|Mark Lucas]]
=== Oskari ===
'''Oskari''': http://oskari.org/
# [[Oskari Incubation Application]]
# [[Oskari Incubation Status]]
# ''Mentor'': [[Arnulf Christl]]
=== PyWPS ===
=== PyWPS ===

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The project incubation committee is responsible for overseeing the incubation process for new projects entering the foundation. The incubation committee provides resources to assist new projects to reach full membership, and makes recommendations to the board when they feel projects have completed incubation.


Draft or Example Documents

Document Refresh 2014







Meetings and Reports

Meetings are scheduled via Mailing List and take place via IRC at the times specified in the Foundation Calendar.


The OSGeo incubation process takes place in three stages:

  1. Initial Application
  2. Incubation
    1. Project Status: project details, and a few resourcing questions for the system admin committee (see Project Status Template).
    2. Provenance Review: quick check to ensure the project is open source and has permission to distribute its source code.
    3. Final Checklist: review the project procedures and gather requested information for OSGeo participation
  3. Graduation

The following projects are currently in OSGeo incubation. The links provided are used to track the progress of incubation projects and are used by the developer team (and OSGeo mentor). In many cases the links will take you to a project specific wiki or website in order to be closer to their target community.

When projects have completed the incubation checklist their mentor will recommend them to the Incubation committee for graduation.


IstSOS: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/IstSOS

  1. IstSOS Provenance Review
  2. IstSOS Incubation Status
  3. Mentor: Jeff McKenna


MetaCRS: http://trac.osgeo.org/metacrs/

  1. MetaCRS Incubation Status
  2. no provenance review provided
  3. no check list provided
  4. Mentor: Daniel Morissette


Opticks: http://opticks.org

  1. Opticks Incubation Status
  2. no provenance review provided
  3. Opticks Incubation Checklist
  4. Mentor: Mark Lucas


Oskari: http://oskari.org/

  1. Oskari Incubation Application
  2. Oskari Incubation Status
  3. Mentor: Arnulf Christl


PyWPS: http://pywps.org

  1. PyWPS Application
  2. Incubation Status
  3. Mentor: Tom Kralidis

TEAM Engine

TEAM Engine: http://teamengine.sourceforge.net

  1. status template not filled out
  2. no provenance review provided
  3. no check list provided
  4. Mentor: Justin Deoliveira


ZOO-Project: http://www.zoo-project.org

  1. ZOO-Project_Incubation_Status
  2. Provenance Review
  3. ZOO-Project Incubation Checklist
  4. Mentor: Dimitris Kotzinos


The following status and provenance documents are for historical purposes, and are no longer actively maintained.

The initial projects to go through the incubation process helped define what is required. The above pages tracked the progress (and capture the experience) of these projects.


The following projects did not complete incubation: