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Aims and Objectives for the OSGeo Ireland Chapter

Perhaps these can be discussed and reviewed during the Ireland/Symposium2017?

  • Promote use of open source spatial software amongst Irish institutions, businesses, and individuals.
  • Allow a forum to discuss and debate the use of this software
    • Use of the mailing list
    • Meetups and conferences

More specific actions:

  • Raise awareness of the Google Summer of Code programme, and help pair Irish students and mentors for OSGeo software development
  • Assist members in arranging informal meetups at OSGeo events (FOSS4G, FOSS4G-Europe etc.)
  • Provide assistance to businesses in open-sourcing geo-related projects
    • Raising awareness of these libraries to interested organisations providing commercial opportunities relating to open source projects
    • Documenting best practice for licensing and releasing open source software
  • Checking if GDAL and all other OSGeo software is using the incorrect projection parameters for Irish National Grid!