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Irish OSGeo Local Chapter Meeting

Meeting Number: 1

Date: 24.09.2015 17h00

Duration: 40 minutes

Location: Skype

Attendance: Daniel McInerney, Ozan Emem, Declan Dunne

Apologies: Peter Mooney, Dave Corley

  • Each participant gave a short intro on their background and experience with OSGeo software.
  • It was suggested that all members should spend some time to review and edit the wiki page [1], with specific reference to the mission statement and objectives
  • It was agreed that there was no need to formalize any structure for the LOC at this stage given its embryonic status and relatively small number of participants
  • It was suggested we organise some webinars over the next couple of months, and that each month someone would give a short presentation followed by a discussion. Ozan has agreed to organise and present the first webinar in November.
  • We would also take the opportunity of this meeting to discuss any matters arising related to the LOC.
  • We briefly discussed some ideas about meeting up either as an informal session (presentations and/or practical workshop) or as part of another conference or meet-up. We will pursue this topic over the next couple of months.
  • It was agreed that we all try to spread the word of the Irish LOC and to use the online mailing list as the main discussion forum [2]