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Title: OSGeo-IE meeting - 2018 Symposium Planning

Date: 22.03.2018 16h30 (30 minutes)

Location: Teleconf.

Minutes Compiled: Daniel McInerney

Attendees: Daniel McInerney, Peter Mooney, Padraig Fitzmaurice, Richard McDonnell

Apologies: Ozan


Peter updated on current status from Eventbrite and planned promotion strategy.


Update from Peter of the 2 submissions to date. Panels to be set-up to review submissions and provide comments via a google form to be created by Peter.


It was suggested that we should aim to have 3 workshops. The plan is to try and have 3 workshops (1 Mapserver [Jeff McKenna], 1 GDAL/OGR [Daniel and/or Daniel/Seth], 1 QGIS (TBC), 1 Leaflet/PostGIS (Peter))

OSGeo Live USB

Seth to update next week on status from OSGeo. Currently looking into last year's option. Aim to order approx. 100 keys