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Title: OSGeo-IE meeting - Symposium Planning

Date: 17.05.2017 16h30 (45 minutes)

Location: Teleconf.

Minutes Compiled: Daniel McInerney

Attendees: Seth Girven, Ozan Emem, Daniel McInerney

Apologies: Padraig Fitzmaurice, Peter Mooney


Daniel updated that the USBs had arrived and that he was starting to create the Live USBs. It was all agreed that a simple manila folder would suffice that would include: live-usb, list of delegates, symposium programme, OSGeo info leaflet, sponsor flyers and additional OSGeo promo material that Daniel received in Limerick. Printing would be spread between committee members and sponsors would provide a leaflet if they wanted one included.

Daniel to purchase name tags/lanyards and manila folders.


Changes were discussed and updates agreed.


Nothing discussed regarding their organisation, but poll will be issued next week for numbers.


Seth to contact OSGeo finance office. Committee meeting will be held after the event to sign-off on budget/expenses.


See organisation page.