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Irish OSGeo Local Chapter Meeting

Meeting Number: 4 (First Meet-Up)

Compiled by: Daniel

Date: 18.06.2016 14h00

Duration: 120 minutes

Location: TOG, Dublin

Attendance: Daniel, Ozan, Dan C., OSM-IE Meet-up

Apologies: Padraig

  • First Meet-up of Irish Local Chapter of OSGeo held jointly with OSM-IE meet-up
  • Started with summary of previous meeting
  • Quick introduction/overview of to OSM-IE members (dmci)
  • Review of mission/objectives of OSGeo-IE (all)
  • Discussion attendee's expectations from the Local Chapter. (all)
  • Going forward - it was agreed that teleconferences/Web-Ex would be optimal given the different locations of people
  • If there is interest, we would meet-up with OSM-IE at TOG in the autumn (Sept./Oct.)
  • In addition, if there is interest, we would organise a hands-on workshop on a specific topic, e.g. QGIS or GDAL.
  • Thanks to TOG for hosting us & those who travelled/attended.

Photo From First OSGeo-IE Meet-up