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Title: OSGeo-IE meeting

Date: 15.11.2016 16h00 (30 minutes)

Location: Teleconf.

Minutes Compiled: Daniel McInerney (input from Seth, Padraig)

Attendees: Seth Girven, Peter Mooney, Hrishikesh Ballal, Padraig Fitzmaurice, Daniel McInerney

Apologies: Ozan Emem, Richard McDonnell

Minutes:<br /

  • Introductions (welcome to Hrishi)
  • Review of activities during 2016
  • Plans for 2017 focussed on a 1 day workshop.


  • Everybody on the call was supportive of the idea of running a one day event in Spring 2017
  • Spring 2017 was identified
  • Many felt that a Friday would be optimal, with the option of a codesprint/OSM mapping on Saturday if there was sufficient interest.


  • Generally felt that outside of Dublin was good
  • location should have good access (e.g. Limerick or midlands etc)
  • People to review options


  • Low entry cost (e.g. €50 - 100) - focus on cost recovery model rather than making profit from the event.
  • Discount for students
  • Possibly adopt PyCon approach (everyone pays including presenters & workshop organisers)


  • Considered a priority to show that it is professionally organised & run event
  • sponsorship options? Pay for refreshments or "guest" presenters
  • Option to hold the event on organisation's premise