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Title: OSGeo-IE meeting

Date: 10.02.2017 16h00 (60 minutes)

Location: Teleconf.

Minutes Compiled: Daniel McInerney

Attendees: Seth Girven, Peter Mooney, Hrishikesh Ballal, Padraig Fitzmaurice, Daniel McInerney, Ozan Emem

Apologies: Richard McDonnell

Minutes:<br /

  • Discussed schedule - emphasis to be put on workshops - Peter to compile a Google Doc spreadsheet so that we can collaborate on the programme
  • Seth to contact OSGeo re registration
  • agreed that a concession would be made available for students attending
  • promotional activities: eventbrite, direct contacts etc.
  • Symposium Pre-announcement page to be added to LOC Wiki page.
  • All minutes to be added to Wiki (Daniel/Seth)
  • next meeting mid-March (Daniel to circulate Doodle)