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Before the Event

  1. Order USB keys
  2. Setup OSGeo live on USB keys
  3. Collate all slides for talks and workshops
  4. Book hotel
  5. Order OSGeo promotional material
  6. Book flight for Markus
  7. Send Markus details regarding keynote
  8. Collect sponsorship
  9. Tweet details
  10. Email details to contacts
  11. Email attendees - request workshop attendance, give wifi code, send on prerequisites for workshops
  12. Send email to OpenStreetMap list

Material to Print

  1. Get lanyards for the day
  2. Print names for lanyards with two-sides
  3. list of delegates
  4. programme
  5. GRASS GIS flyer (see email from Markus)
  6. Sponsor flyers (Compass, EPA, OPW, CT)

On Day Roles

  1. Setup internal wifi network and shared drive
  2. Camera / designate photographer (Peter)
  3. Registration desk
  4. Set-up conference pack (see above 'Material to Print')