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The current plan is for the Java tribe to meet in Italy at the start of March. This page will allow us to plan the event.

We will be hosted at the GeoSolutions offices in beautiful Tuscany for a week long sprint.


  1. Who would be interested in joining as a participating?
  2. Who would be interested in sponsoring? ;-)
  3. Do you have any preferred week between say Feb 13 and end of March?


We are still at the planning stage so please let us know if a particular topic interests you or would be a deal breaker. The sprint does not have to be a single topic, if we can swarm a large beast good, but if someone wants to join and work on a side topic to leverage the presence of others, that’s good too.

  • JDK 9 + maybe JDK 8 updates in the code base (like stream ready support for feature collection, where we can use lambda for profit)
  • CITE - upgrade the test harness, make sure the tests are still passing (probably they won’t), add new test that we are missing, WFS 2.0, WCS 2.0, CSW, WMTS 1.0, WPS 1.0, maybe GML and KML and GeoPackage, maybe stand up a reference server for OGC to use, with one test per workspace/virtual service?
  • REST API switch to Spring MVC (Andrea and Ian worried about making things worse user wise in terms of bugs) --- idea can we couple also fixing the actual bug reports in Jira? What about the other modules using restlet, importer and resource-rest-api, rest-upload, sldService, anything else? Need quite a bit of people.
  • Mapbox style
  • Library upgrades


Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likehood of your attendance.

# Participant Country Organization Arrival Departure Project Work on Attendance / Notes