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Reunion of the 3 original founders of the global FOSS4G event (from left to right: Markus Neteler, Jeff McKenna, Venka Raghavan); photo taken at FOSS4G Europe, July 2017, in Paris
With the OSGeo family at FOSS4G Europe, July 2017, in Paris
Receiving the 2016 Sol Katz Award, at FOSS4G Bonn, on 2016-08-26.
With Venka at FOSS4G Seoul, Sept 2015. Two of the founders of FOSS4G.
With the ZOO family at FOSS4G Europe, July 2014
Having a sushi lunch at FOSS4G Tokyo 2008

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Jeff is the President Emeritus of OSGeo, and has his own consulting company based around FOSS4G, Gateway Geomatics. He has been actively contributing to OSGeo since its formation.


email: jmckenna(at)osgeo(dot)org
Twitter: @mapserving
IRC username - jmckenna on

Name: Aditya Vitthalrao Chondke


GSoC 2019 Project: Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application

Contact: +91-7020710594

Github Repository link: Repo

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