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The Issue

We have organizations wanting to hire staff with skills in foss4g technologies, and we have individuals wanting to find jobs related to these same technologies. But currently it is hard for them find each other. It would be helpful to OSGeo's goals in several ways to facilitate this meeting.


From the "Job Posting / Job Wanted" thread on the OSGeo discuss list:

  • OSGeo could provide guidance to job seekers and those with jobs.
    • Advice on mailing lists it would be appropriate to post to (project lists? local chapter lists? general osgeo lists?).
    • Advice on jobs services it would be appropriate to list on (eg.
  • OSGeo could host a job/resume posting service
    • A jobs/resume mailing list.
    • wiki/web pages
    • RSS feeds
    • Custom job posting service software (ie.
    • A moderator summarizing jobs to OSGeo discuss/announce on a periodic basis.
    • Perhaps integrate with the Service Provider Directory which fills a somewhat related purpose.

Steps Forward

I (Frank Warmerdam) think we ought to proceed with the "advice" portion, and once an appropriate document has been drafted in the wiki, it should be posted to the main web site, and linked fairly prominently from "OSGeo Community" on the left side of the main page. Likely right under "Service Providers" with name like "Job Postings" or just "Jobs".

If someone is willing to serve as a moderator, I think we should also establish a mailing list (moderated) and the moderator could summarize these to the OSGeo discuss list every two weeks. It would also be very desirable to have this mailing list available as an RSS feed. Perhaps this can be accomplished by pumping it through something like nabble?