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==Journal Team==
==Journal Team==
* Editor: Landon Blake
* Editor: Landon Blake
* Copyeditor: Eli Adams
* Copyeditor: Eli Adam
* News Editor: Scott Mitchell
* News Editor: Scott Mitchell

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The OSGeo Journal is an open publication highlighting open source geospatial projects, software development, introductions to projects, news, event and other OSGeo Foundation updates.

This is the working page for the Journal project and its future editions.

The Journal is always accepting article abstracts and proposals for future volumes. You can e-mail your submissions to the editor (sunburned.surveyor@gmail.com) or mention your desire to submit on the OSGeo Journal mailing list.

Mailing List

You can contact the volunteer Journal team on the OSGeo Newsletter Mailing List.

Section Editors

The following is a current list of our section editors for the Journal:

  • News: Scott Mitchell

Journal Volumes

Article Templates

Author Guidelines

Submission Guidelines and Licensing

If you are interested in having an article published in the OSGeo Journal, please see our OSGeo Journal Submission Guidelines. Information on the licensing of submissions to the OSGeo Journal can be found on our OSGeo Licensing Wiki Page.

Submission of Peer Review Articles

You can read the requirements for submission of peer review articles to the OSGeo Journal on our Peer Review Article Requirements Wiki Page.

Journal Team

  • Editor: Landon Blake
  • Copyeditor: Eli Adam
  • News Editor: Scott Mitchell