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The OSGeo Journal is an open publication highlighting open source geospatial projects, software development, introductions to projects, news, event and other OSGeo Foundation updates.

This is the working page for the Journal project and its future editions. See the official OSGeo Journal homepage for links to the published journal and articles.

The Journal is always accepting article abstracts and proposals for future volumes. Sign in on the Journal System, register as an author and submit your articles there. An editor will be assigned and will follow up with your submission.


    • The annual schedule for publication follows the quarters of the calender year. Depending on availability of volunteers, 1 or 2 issues per year may be dropped. Our publication dates follow the end of these months:
      • March (dedicated to Annual Report)
      • June
      • September
      • December

Article submission deadlines are 8 weeks prior to publication date. Articles must be submitted through the OSGeo Journal System

Peer Review

    • The Journal team has started to initiate peer review for most articles. Please note if you do not wish to go through peer review. This may limit your options for what section of the journal your article is published in.


    • Various formats for articles are accepted. The information below is for historical purposes and general guidelines - instead use and register at the OJS site to volunteer as a reviewer, editor or author.

Content Sections and Editors

    • The online system maintains an active list of the editors and reviewers currently helping with the Journal. See list here

More Info

  • More information about the Journal, its guidelines, policies, etc. See About Page

Mailing List

You can contact the volunteer Journal team on the OSGeo Newsletter Mailing List.

Section Editors

The following is a current list of our section editors for the Journal:

Normal Journal Sections and Assigned Section Editors

  • Unclassified Articles ART Rafal Wawar
  • Editorial (ED): Tyler Mitchell
  • News (NEWS): Scott Mitchell
  • Events (EV): Scott Mitchell
  • Project Spotlight (PS): Micha Silver and Martin Wegmann
  • Topical Studies (TS): Zachary Woolard
  • Developer Announcements (DA): Dimitris Kotzinos
  • Programming Tutorials (PT): Landon Blake
  • Peer Review (PEER): Rafal Wawar, Daniel Ames, Dimitris Kotzinos

Annual Report Journal Sections and Assigned Section Editors

  • Annual Report (ANN): Tyler Mitchell and Martin Wegmann
  • Proceedings: Integration & Development (I&D): Tyler Mitchell
  • Proceedings: Topical Interest (TOP): Tyler Mitchell
  • Proceedings: Case Studies (PCS): Tyler Mitchell
  • Executive Reports (AR-E): None
  • Committee Reports (AR-Com): None
  • Software Project Reports (AR-Soft): None
  • Local Chapter Reports (AR-Local): None
  • Sponsor Reports (AR-Sponsor): None

LaTex Handlers

The following OSGeo Journal Volunteers have offered to help convert authors articles to LaTex:

  • Barry Rowlingson
  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Jorge Gasper Sanz Salinas

LaTex Conversion Guidelines and Checklist

You can find a preliminary checklist for converting articles to LaTex for inclusion in the Journal here:

LaTex Conversion Guidelines

You don't need to do this as an author. This step is usually handled by Journal volunteers.

Guidelines for reviewers

Here are some links that have some insights for reviewing. Some aspects vary in their relevance to The OSGeo Journal.


Journal Volumes