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All draft thoughts thrown up by Tyler - ready for discussion/debate

OSGeo News is the working title for the official OSGeo Newsletter. This is the summary page for the project and for developing future editions.


OSGeo News builds on top of the successful history of the GRASS-News production. Volume 4 of that production was a joint GRASS/OSGeo effort. The next edition is broader and branded as OSGeo News.


Content Outline

This is the typical outline for an edition:

  1. Editorials
  2. News
  3. Event Reports (2-3 articles)
  4. Project Introductions (1-2 articles)
  5. Case Studies (2-3 articles)
  6. Integration Studies (2-3 articles)
  7. Topical Studies (1-2 articles)
  8. Interview
  9. Developer Announcements

Volunteer Needs

Typical needs include volunteers to write, collect, edit, format articles and design/proof layout. Because layout is done using LaTeX, volunteers familiar with it are always appreciated.


  1. Confirm editors/volunteers
  2. Set deadlines
  3. Solicit articles
  4. Collect/edit/review articles
  5. Format to LaTeX
  6. Produce draft
  7. Set deadline for review
  8. Revisions
  9. Final production
  10. Press Release and promotion