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This is just a placeholder for future contributions to the OSGeo Journal. If you want to contribute a future article, add it to this list in the appropriate category.

Contributors / Topics

See Journal for definition of the following categories. Add yourself if you are interested. Note that all categories don't have to be filled, so this serves as a rough outline for the types of content we generally hope to have.


  1. Tyler Mitchell: General updates


  1. Editor: Jason Fournier
  2. Additional contributors welcome...

Event Reports (2-3 articles)

  1. Ravi Kumar: FOSS GIS in India: A Report from the first meeting of the India chapter of OSGeo
  2. ...

Project Introductions (1-2 articles)

  1. Schuyler Erle: OpenLayers (title TBD)
  2. Scott Emmons: Flexible Internet Spatial Template (FIST): a MapServer-based web mapping framework (title TBD)
  3. Daniel Ames: MapWindow: Considering MapWindow as a tool for WPS (title TBD)

Case Studies (2-3 articles)

  1. Joel Schlagel: title TBD
  2. Shamim Akhter & Yann Chemin: Porting a GRASS raster module to distributed computing
  3. Rafael Sperb: Fisheries Tracking System (title TBD)
  4. David Enns: MapServer-related project example (title TBD)
  5. Giuliano Cecchi and Raffaele C. Mattioli: The Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis and FAO GeoNetwork
  6. ...

Integration Studies (2-3 articles)

  1. ...

Topical Studies (1-2 articles)

  1. Markus Neteler: Open Source Quality Assessment System: The GRASS Case (aboutGRASS-QA)
  2. Landon Blake: Spatial Relationships - An Introduction to Topology
  3. ...

Programming Tutorials (1-2 articles)

  1. Tim Sutton: Programming Using the QGIS API (title TBD)


  1. ...

Developer Announcements

  1. OSGeo project summaries
  2. OSGeo Local Chapter updates
  3. ...